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As of April 15, 2024, Soulo will close. Thank you for all of your support these last two years. ❤️

Self-care shouldn't be at the expense of the planet.

Every part of the Soulo Experience is thoughtfully curated to reduce its impact on the environment—from ingredients, packaging and delivery.

Responsibly Sourced Ingredients

It matters to us that each ingredient is the high quality that we expect for ourselves and our family.

Non-GMO and organic

Where possible, we source non-GMO and organic ingredients.

Renewable ingredients

100% of our ingredients are plant-based, coming from replenishable resources that can be grown again and again.

Traceable ingredients

We source from vendors we trust and require supporting documentation on every ingredient we use so that we know where it's coming from.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Our packaging is carefully thought through to avoid as much plastic and non-renewable resources as possible. And where we can, we use post-consumer materials.

Cardboard packaging

In our current product line, we use 30-100% post-consumer waste material for all of our product and shipping boxes.

Biodegradable pouches

The bath soak pouches are made from natural plant materials. And if they do end up in the ocean or wild, they'll break down naturally.

Recyclable glass

When you're done with your glass jars, you can recycle or reuse them for a new purpose.

Carbon-Neutral Shipping

Until there are more sustainable shipping methods, we offset the carbon that it takes for your package to get from us to you.

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